About Us

Autosys Engineering Pvt Ltd, Autosys Control Systems India Pvt Ltd and Kore Mechatronics Pvt Ltd are associate companies and part of the Autosys Group with common founders. These individual companies have been created separately to provide focus and depth to their respective specialization areas.

Autosys Engineering, specializes in weighing, batching, dosing, storage, movement, processing packing, loading, unloading and material handling across a wide variety of process industries(both solids and liquids).

Autosys Control Systems, specializes in Large Scale Instrumentation, Telemetry, Control and PLC / DCS projects across domains such as Water, Waste Water, Power, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Process industries.

Kore Mechatronics specializes in consulting services, MES software, Traceability, OEE metrics, manufacturing intelligence software and MES.

Execution Team

More than 90% of our employees have technical / engineering background in disciplines such as Electronics, Instrumentation, Software and Mechanical.

    The following are the various processes that we follow in executing a project.

  • System Study
  • Design Engineering & Detailed Drawings
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing / Integration
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Service & Annual maintenance contracts